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The Boston Tea Party
The Intolerable Acts
United We Stand
Liberty or Death
Midnight Ride
The Shot Heard Round the World
Green Mountain Boys
The Second Continental Congress
Bunker Hill
Postmaster General Franklin
Washington Takes Command
Common Sense
The First Fourth of July
"New York, New York"
The Turtle
One Life to Lose
Captain Molly
American Crisis
Across the Delaware
American in Paris
Sybil Ludington
Lafayette Arrives
The Hessians Are Coming
Valley Forge
Allies at Last
Honor and Compromise
The New Frontier
Not Yet Begun to Fight
The Great Galvez
In Praise of Ben
Benedict Arnold
Conflict in the South
Deborah Samson
James Armistead
Born Free and Equal
The Man Who Wouldn't Be King
Going Home
We the People
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